About our Team and Family

We are a team of dedicated professionals, same time 8 siblings who are ready to do what ever it takes to make our business grow successfully. We have many unique differences to normal coffee trading proffessions avilable. As we are grown up though the Ethiopian coffee long chained export business, we know where to add our special interests and efforts , so that we become unique and successful.

Our company, founding Member of ECEA ( Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association) and ECX ( Ethiopian Commodity Exchange), is group of young and dynamic Siblings with deep and collective knowledge in coffee. The family came to specialise in exporting speciality Coffees with selected high quality standards through generations of trading coffee from Ethiopia to the world.

We have washing and milling stations where we process coffee in dry and wet methods.  We also use a modern warehouse in Addis Ababa equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for sorting and bagging. We do special preparations like Anearobic and Honey processing with more unique details depending customers requirements and interests.

In September 2020, we opened the company wubeSHEPHERD GmbH in sindelfingen Germany, to reach closer our customers in Europe.  We are here to deliver our products in shorter times with fairer prices.

Our customers will always get the products genuinely and traceable. We also offer markating materials for each varieties with full history about that specific coffee how and by whom , where it was processed. So the custome can use those information to creat unique profiles.

We are trained and mastered in the whole process of coffee from farm to cup.  Experimenting and defining different aromas, fully controlled supply-chain and our modern facility allows us to deliver our customers sustainably high-end products all the time.

We are very happy to work together and share the values of our high quality Ethiopian coffee with our customers.

Abissinian Coffee beans are filled with real Happiness, Enjoy !

Selam !