Single Farm, Mr. Addisu, Gelana Abaya

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Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe, Gelana Abaya

Producer: Mr Addisu

Farm: Private Garden , 3 hektar

Process: Natural

Harvest: December – March

Tasting notes:  Jasmin floral Aroma, Apricot notes, Cremy body

Elevation: 1950 meters

Certifications: N/A

Packaging: 60kg with liner

This Lot is processed at the farmers own garden with our company full guidance and trainning. Finally brought to our soarting and bagging center in Addis Abeba.  A bouquet of floral berry smells come through in the dry fragrance, dark berry notes like blueberry, with after hints of tropical fruit jam and semi-sweet chocolate bar. As with the dry fragrance, this coffee explodes with the scent of quality sweet floral notes of Jasmin , Apricot . Dried berry – blueberry and blackberry to be specific – are most evident in the wet aromatics, and pretty intense overall. The cup has a complex interplay of bittering elements and fruit sweetness. Dried pineapple slices emerge in the mix of berry and tropical fruits – a cornucopia overall. There’s a hint of dark malt and molasses as well. The coffee has fruited brightness but isn’t tart: ripe pineapple communicates the type of acidity in the cup. Aftertaste is long and complex as you might expect from a dry process Ethiopia.

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