Aman’s Natural Guji , Dimtu

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Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Guji

Producer: Young Boy Aman Lante

Farm: Family owned 3 Hektar Garden-Farm

Process: Natural

Harvest: December – March

Tasting notes: Fruity, Caramel, yellow fruits notes

Elevation: 1950 meters

Packaging: 60kg with liner

Coffee Details

This coffee grow in a family big garden/yard which is located in Guji Zone , Hambela woreda. Aman is the Oldest son to this family and this micro- lot got his name.

Guji is the coffee growing area where most coffee plants are young plantations on sunny mountains. These cherries were harvested properly by hand and well processed.  Finally we have got a complex fruity notes with amaizing balanced body and medium acidity.

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